I Love Salt Cay


Morning sunrise over the salt pans on our first day.

Excitement and anticipation on a return weekend trip to Salt Cay. Up early and out the door to catch the sunrise and not wanting to waste a minute of the day. How I love the peaceful tranquility at that time of day.


The Turks & Caicos heather, Limonium bahamense was blooming this time and I took lots of photos of this pretty plant.

The Turks and Caicos Island heather, thrives in the saline conditions of the salt flats. It is found growing along the retaining walls of Salt Cay’s salt ponds. It is now the islands’ national flower.


Came across a Snowy Egret dancing in the salt ponds looking for food and managed to catch a great photo with reflections.


My favourite little lane with charming rock walls runs right past Mt Pleasant guest house where we stayed.


Through the wood louvers of the White House looking towards Dunscombe Point.

No trip to Salt Cay is complete without seeing the White House and this trip was very special. We met owner Ian Dunn who took time out to show us through this splendid old mansion complete with stories of his ancestors. I’m definitely going to do a separate blog on this magnificent building that’s part of Salt Cay’s history.


There’s nothing better than having lunch with this view………the gazebo at the Brown House.

The Brown House was built in 1860, fully restored and is now a beautiful waterfront residence for holidaying visitors to Salt Cay. Thanks to Candy Herwin for an island lunch with friends and of course a chance to take more photos of this heritage house.


Mount Pleasant guest cottage where we stayed with a roof top wooden walkway to the balcony of the main house. Love the blue shutters.

We were fortunate to be able to stay in the fully renovated guest cottage at Mount Pleasant with hosts Jo and George Oates. Salt Cay accommodation with character …… simply perfect for our all too short vacation getaway.


The north shore beach looking towards Grand Turk……….if you look closely, you can see a cruise ship.


Ruins of the Windmills Plantation…..love to take photos here.


Zoomed in shot of Grand Turk and cruise ship.


Beautiful stretch of beach but a bit too rough for swimming.


An old salt rakers cottage.


A visit to Porter’s Island Thyme is a must for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The chicken breast stuffed with bacon, baby spinach and mozzarella cheese was absolutely delicious with home made ice cream to follow.


Early Sunday morning and my little friends were heading to gran’s house. They were going to help bake cookies they told me!


Love this red shuttered house next to the church.


Foot prints in the sand just up from Debbie’s Coral Reef Bar and Grill restaurant.


Great place for sunsets, drinks and a bite to eat.


Looking towards Dean’s Dock…….it was pretty rough out there.


Sheedy’s cannon up on the bluff was a lovely walk early on Sunday morning.


Falling in love with a donkey that looked ready to have a baby at any time.


Pirate’s Hideaway……..another great place to stay in Salt Cay.


Loving the colours…….turquoise dwelling with donkey.


Newly repaired roof of the Bermudian kitchen at Government House.


Inside the old Bermudian kitchen with some lovely old antiques.

Inside the Bermudian Kitchen a lot of work has been done since I was last here taking photos. Old antique artifacts and utensils from Salt Cay have been found and or donated. Candy Herwin writes  “…..like Jose Jones old handmade carpenters saw and box of tools…one of the ladies old singer machines with Ms. Mellys measuring tape …remember the old cloth ones….decade old cooking pots from Mary Robinson kitchen….ancient locks and one of my favorites an old steam iron in a homemade stand…Later Ms. Rosie Glinton said it was used for placing on top of frying fish to stop them curling…Well I never.”



Malaika and sea glass gathering.


Salt Cay is a treasure trove of sea glass lying on the beaches.


Excitement in the form of water delivery on Salt Cay.


Our last day and bright sunshine and slightly calmer seas


Boats and dive boats with the sea wall.


Walking, bicycles and golf buggies are the main modes of transportation.


Our last morning and YES…………we saw the humpback whales. What a magnificent sight.

Our last morning and a snap decision made literally in 5 minutes. The seas had died down a bit and we thought we just had to go. Salt Cay Divers and a 100% success rate so far this season. We went for it and WOW, we were so glad we did. Tough with the boat rockin’ and rollin’ to take photos but all worth it as I managed to get two reasonable “tail” shots.


Leaving Salt Cay and flying over Grand Turk with a cruise ship docked.

And so, another wonderful few days away from the hustle and bustle of Provo. Salt Cay is a treasure of an island full of history, relaxation, love the donkeys wandering along the salt ponds and streets, the stacked rock old walls, the north beach in all its splendor and the many historic buildings.

I can’t wait to come back again and again.



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South West Harbour Bluff


Glorious wild sea island cotton along one stretch of the road to South West Bluff and Osprey Rock

A hot sunny day and a trip out to South West Harbour Bluff with visiting friends and some guests staying at Harbour Club Villas. On the road out, we came across some sea island cotton growing wild alongside the road. The cotton had popped and was waving in the wind. We spotted some flowers too…………yellow and delicate.


A beautiful cotton flower amongst all the white cotton pods


On top of the bluff looking towards Bonefish Point

Some of us waded through the water to the cave and climbed up the ladder and out onto the bluff. What a view. Others stayed on the beach enjoying a cold beer.


Perfect day for a cold beer and looking out over the ocean.


Inscriptions from shipwrecked sailors are found on top of the bluff.


Osprey nest with two young is perched on top of Osprey Rock


Chitons attached to the rocks are impossible to pry off


View after climbing up the ladder at Pirates Cave and out on top of the bluff.


Sweet little hummingbird nestlings overlooking the beach.


The mama bird kept buzzing us and we found this nest in the overhanging bush.

Lovely day, wonderful company and so many sights to see. One of the most beautiful parts of Provo that is great for taking photos and walking along the beach out to Bonefish Point.





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Favourite Southside Beaches


Delou’s beach also known as Cooper Jack beaches at the entrance channel to Harbour Club Villas and Marina

Explore with me some of our shoreline where you’ll find some out of the way gems of beaches that many of our visitors miss. Here are some of my favourites and each one has something special to offer.


You can kayak out the marina channel and follow the shoreline to this little beach.


“My beach” also known locally as “Dog beach”


Sunset and shallow waters, pretty idyllic for an evening swim.


Tidal beaches and lovely waters with stone animal carvings on the hillside above.


We’ve spent many hours on this beach and had it all to ourselves every time.


Beautiful Bonefish Point and the shallow sandbar stretching out into the waters.


Anchored out off the sandbar is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


Sapodilla Bay is a perfect spot to while away some time especially with little ones.


Sapodilla Bay is an anchorage for visiting boats.


South West Harbour Bluff by the pirates cove has a lovely beach and you can walk for miles down to Bonefish Point.


Lounging in the shallow waters looking towards the pirate’s cave and Osprey Rock just around the corner.


Take a walk along Taylor Bay……..powdery soft sand.


Low tide and sandbars forming at Taylor Bay……take your kids here as they will love it.




Turquoise waters and white sand beaches of the Turks and Caicos Islands

It’s time to think about leaving winter behind and flying to the sunshine and warmth of our islands. Spectacular beaches await you, soft white sand and clear sparkling water.

See you soon and check out our villas for your next vacation ….. http://www.harbourclubvillas.com





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Flora and Fauna at Harbour Club Villas


An anole lizard wards off visitors on Harbour Club Villas’ office deck.

Another week of photographing some of the critters wandering through the gardens at Harbour Club Villas along with our beautiful wild orchids that have just started to bloom. I came home the other day to this anole lizard guarding our deck. He wasn’t too pleased to see me but did pose long enough for me to snap a photo or two.


Cute anole and he had the most gorgeous colours on top of his little head.



A pretty shell house for this little hermit crab……..he didn’t want to go to the pool!

We often find hermit crabs also know locally as soldier crabs ambling on through. Sometimes we even help them by giving them a choice of a new home. There’s also been some strange houses such as PVC pipe, an old film canister and basically they’ll use whatever they can find in the moment. This one had a very pretty shell.


We often find hermit crabs and I’m sure I’ve photographed many of them.


Here’s a gorgeous Encyclia Altissima wild orchid.

The wild orchids are blooming all over Providenciales. Found our first Encyclia Altissima orchid today just starting to bloom and what a beautiful scent they have.


A cluster of wild orchids in the bush by Harbour Club Villas


A Cuban tree frog ……….. look at those suction pads.

This little Cuban tree frog is not native to the Turks and Caicos Islands but they are spreading rapidly throughout.


Pretty amazing to see how far they can jump!


A yellow bellied sap sucker………this is a new bird for me and really exciting to see.


Here he is pecking holes in our coconut palms.


A row of old holes and then the new ones.

It was thrilling to catch sight of and photograph the yellow bellied sap sucker. Definitely not easy to do as they are very shy birds and hard to get a photo of them.

Hoping we can show you some of the local critters around Harbour Club Villas…lots of birds, lizards, geckos and some beautiful flowering plants and shrubs.


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Baby Hummingbird at Harbour Club Villas Part 2


Two little eggs were laid but only one left……….perhaps taken by one of our critters like a pygmy boa.

Unfortunately, one day when I looked in the nest, only one egg remained. I asked around and found out that it could have been a snake that made off with the egg. In any case about two weeks after the eggs were laid, a baby hummingbird hatched.


Just hatched…too bad I didn’t get it on camera!

The mother hummingbird disposes of the broken egg shells after the babies are hatched. When the baby hummingbirds hatch, they have no feathers and dark skin and they are hatched with their eyes are closed.


Momma flies in to feed the little one.

The mother hummingbird drinks nectar and eats tiny bugs. she then will regurgitate the slurry substance that her baby can easily digest. She flies in every 20 minutes or so to feed this mixture to the baby hummingbirds. Of course there are usually two babies to feed so she’s kept very busy.


Big yellow beak and wide open mouth just waiting to be fed.


The baby grows pretty fast and the feathers are coming in.


When the baby hears the whirring of the Momma’s wings, it pops up and opens its beak ready for feedings


A good perspective so that you can see how tiny the nest is as compared to an adult hand


When the baby hummingbirds are first born, the mother hummingbird will spend most of her time sitting on the nest, keeping the baby hummingbirds warm.


The baby hummingbirds will feel the wind from the wing of their mother and lift their little heads up and open their mouths.

The mother hummingbird puts her beak all the way down into the mouths of the baby hummingbirds while dropping a little of the regurgitated insects and nectar inside.


Big commotion and twittering as the momma hummingbird chases off a curly tail lizard……she fans out her tail feathers as a warning.


The baby quickly doubles in size.


After one week, the baby hummingbird is covered in tiny little fuzzy feathers


The baby spends a lot of time snoozing but grows very quickly with all the daily feedings

More to come as the baby starts moving around more and grows large enough to fill up the nest.





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Diving in the Turks and Caicos



Harbour Club Villas and Marina has dive boats leaving daily for many of our spectacular dive sites.

It’s more than time to tell you about our spectacular reefs and diving and WOW, the visibility is easily in the range of 80 feet or more. I must confess that I don’t dive and have to rely on these wonderful dive folks and our guests for underwater photos. The marina at Harbour Club Villas is home to several dive companies which makes for a very convenient few minutes walk for our diving guests. If you are diving with Flamingo Divers, Aqua TCI, Ocean Vibes, Caicos Adventures or Provo Turtle Divers, you’re just a short easy walk away from your dive boat! We have six, cottages just made for a great diving vacation for couples, families as well as small dive groups.


Our scuba divers can have breakfast in the morning overlooking a lake view.


A short walk in the morning takes you down to our docks where both Ocean Vibes and Aqua TCI boats are moored.

A short walk further down the dock, you will find Provo Turtle Divers, Flamingo Divers and Caicos Adventures. All are within walking distance from our villas……….so how convenient is that! You can be up and out the door, walk down to the dock and be on your dive boat within minutes.

Divers will be amazed at the numerous dive sites (some 90 sites) found in the Turks and Caicos Islands……..North West Point, West Caicos, Sandbore Channel, French Cay and Grace Bay. Boat rides are generally 40 minutes or so from our dock.


The boat channel opens out into Cooper Jack Bay.


Harbour Club’s Marina is the eastern portion of South Side Marina where several dive operators moor their boats.


Flamingo Divers are usually the first to head out for dive sites at West Caicos, French Cay or the North West Point………..there’s some 90 sites out there.

Flamingo Divers with Mickey and Jayne are specialists in small group diving with a maximum of 8 divers. A high percentage (some 83%) are returning divers and they         tailor dive profiles to suit preferences and levels of experience. 


An amazing experience as Mickey and Jayne swim with a Humpback whale for some 60 minutes.

Jayne writes “Stairway to Heaven at West Caicos. Well….this site earned its name today!We spent 60 minutes hovering and watching this gentle giant hang in front of us, and drift up every 15 minutes for a breath of air, and promptly swim back to us again. When our air consumption finally dictated our ascent, we swam to the anchor line and slowly began ascending, only to look behind and watch him follow us! With us hanging at 15 ft, and him at about 20 ft, we simply stared at each other for another 3 minutes until, bittersweetly so, we had to finish our dive.”

blogscubawhale shark

Great excitement on seeing a whale shark.

Aqua TCI is Provo’s newest dive operator and their boat, Aquatic Safaris II is a 30ft (10m) Island Hopper with a nice wide dive deck and big engine. Bill and Stephanie have been diving for 20 years and their mantra is “All that’s required from you is to relax, dive and chill! They do all the work and all you have to do is ENJOY.


Here they are heading out with a group taking a course on to become Invasive Lionfish Tracker specialty divers.


Coming out of the channel and on the way to French Cay………what a day………..flat calm.


French Cay is a protected island and bird sanctuary with numerous dive sites.

French Cay is a tiny atoll about 15 miles due south of Providenciales and offers virtually no shelter from the seas so it simply has to be dived in good, calm weather. It is well worth the 50 minute boat ride with some of the best walls and reefs in the islands. It has two distinguishing features which make for great dives. First, the wall faces south and is usually well lit by the sun’s rays. Secondly, the top of the wall is relatively shallow at 40 feet and well covered with coral clumps rather than the sand bottom which is found on West Caicos sites.


Caicos Adventures with Philipe “Fifi” is probably the dive company that heads the most to French Cay.

Philipe “Fifi” and his sleek catamaran dive and snorkel boats are a short walk away from our villas. He has been pioneering Turks and Caicos Scuba diving since 1988. He has shocked many a diver by free diving and this includes my husband Barry when he was invited to come out on the Caicos Cat one day with Fifi. This group of great people encourage their guests to relax, laugh & have a good time. Caicos Adventures wants you to have an incredible journey, viewing “life as it should be.”


Nostalgia time from 2003 as Fifi prepares to lead the dive……….this man does NOT age and it’s because he has a great passion for diving in the TCI!

Percy Jan 6th French Cay 001a

Percy, one of our guests took this photo of a hammerhead out at French Cay


Flamingo Divers have the most amazing shots of sharks………..you’ll see many of them on your dives.


Ocean Vibes on their way back to the marina after spectacular diving on the reefs off West Caicos.

Wayne Hall operates Ocean Vibes, Providenciales’ only native-owned scuba diving facility. Go right from Harbour Club Villas docks a short walk away! He’s originally from Grand Turk, and began professionally guiding scuba divers in 1995. Wayne says “It is our aim to make every diver feel like the entire operation revolves around them. We are in business for you and your satisfaction is my personal guarantee.” Great service and smaller groups of 8 to 12 divers.


Early days with Wayne Hall and Ocean Vibes


Mickey comes face to face with a shark out cruisin’. Great photo by one of Harbour Club’s guests Jed Daniel.


Art Pickering’s Provo Turtle Divers taking a break way back in 2002.

Provo Turtle Divers is the oldest dive operation in the TCI and established in 1970.  For over 44 years they have dived French Cay, West Caicos, Northwest Point and Sandbore channel which is between NW Point  and West. Art discovered and named most of the dive sites.


Here he is, the man himself………..Art Pickering.

Dave and Melinda have owned Provo Turtle Divers since 2002 and “Chuck’s Honey” has been sold and replaced by Chuck’s Mate, a 36 foot Newton Dive special which will hold between 12 and 14 divers but capable of taking on a few more.


Here’s Chuck’s Mate heading off on a beautiful Provo morning.

Provo Turtle Diver’s commitment to guests is for you to see the walls and critters – not bubbles and fins.  


And YES, you may be lucky enough to see JoJo the dolphin. This photo is by Jodi from Snuba TCI

I wanted also to mention our friend Jodi, the “snuba lady” as she’s fondly called. Jodi operates Snuba TCI and in the winter months will dock her boat at Harbour Club Villas and Marina. If you’re not quite ready for some diving, Jodi will ease you into an amazing underwater experience with a snuba introduction. You are attached to a breathing tube that’s connected to tanks in a raft that floats above you. You’ll be able to see the coral reefs, fish and undersea life right up close. Snorkeling is available too!!


Snuba TCI with Jodi also keep their boat in our marina but only during the winter month’s when sometimes it can be rough on the North shore and Grace Bay.


Snuba TCI with Jodi and sometimes (quite often) you will see turtles.

A little note for those who don’t dive. No need to be left behind as ‘Bubble watchers’ can come out with the divers on all the boats.


Harbour Club Villas is perfect dive accommodation …. so convenient and easy. We’ll do all the work for you!

And so, when you are ready to plan that dive trip to the Turks and Caicos, give us a call or send us an email. We have most of the dive operators within walking distance of our villa accommodation. We can book everything for you and as you can see, we have the best dive operators right here. These dive operators all leave daily from close by Harbour Club’s Marina and head for Providenciales’ most spectacular diving – uninhabited West Caicos and French Cay, located on the edge of the Caicos banks where the wall drops to deep blue depths of 7000 feet.


Marta   http://www.diving.tc

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Humming Bird Nest at Harbour Club Villas


The start of a hummingbird nest in a potted Desert Rose at Harbour Club Villas and Marina

Two weeks ago, I noticed a hummingbird flying around a Desert Rose that I had growing in a pot at our villas at Harbour Club Villas and Marina. I noticed something on a branch and on looking closer discovered the start of a nest. She was a busy little bird flying to and fro gathering bits of bark, spiders nests, fibers and the hairs from the Old Man Cactus. An amazing piece of work!


Here she is perched on the nest.


A close-up view of the nest showing the delicate, soft bits lining the inside.


Here she is bringing back some wisps of white fluff for the nest.


Love this one as she looks overcome by all the bits and trying to pack them down.

Hummingbirds bring little bits of fluff, bark, fibers back to the nest a little at a time and it’s glued all together with spider webs. The nest will stretch because of the spiders webs as the babies grow. The photo above shows her with webs over her beak and body as she tries to pack it all down.  The hummingbird will camouflage the nest as much as she can by using small sticks, bark and plant pieces for the darker outside of the nest. The parts of the nest that may catch the sun are done with lighter materials while the darker parts of the nest are in the shade and blend in with the surroundings.


Notice that the nest is beginning to take shape and this is three days after I first spotted it.


She uses her wings and presses the nest against her body so that she can get the perfect shape and rounds off the center.


The nest is pointed towards the bottom join in the branch and you can clearly see the bits of plant materials used.


The nest is getting bigger and more rounded but it’s only like less than two inches across.


She’s letting me come up fairly close to her as I take all my photos.


My little hummingbird lays her first egg seven days from my noticing the nest.


She continues building the nest and doesn’t start incubating the eggs until she lays the second one.


Pretty colours as she lands on the nest.


I managed to capture her flying in with wings spread and feet grasping the edge of the nest.


Beak open as she brings more plant material for her nest.


It’s difficult to catch them in flight as the wings are beating so fast.


And then there were two little eggs. She laid them two days apart.


She will now start incubating the eggs and continue to build up the nest.


My desert rose is starting to bloom.


Usually the Momma hummingbird works on her nest for about four hours per day with many, many trips to gather materials as well as feed. She can make as many as 40 trips in a day.



She will sit on the nest incubating the two little jelly bean sized eggs for approximately 16-18 days before they hatch.

And so, she’s sitting on the eggs probably until the end of September when hopefully I’ll be able to post more photos of the eggs hatching and baby hummingbirds in the nest. I can’t wait. Make sure to check back in to see the babies.   Marta   http://www.harbourclubvillas.com

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Bananaquits Bath Time


Bananaquit enjoying the water droplets.

Harbour Club Villas has quite a few birds now and this is an never ending source of photos for me. Another hot, sunny day on island and so I sprayed down our pepper and tomato plants. Within minutes all kinds of birds showed up to enjoy fluttering about in the droplets on the small palms and Washingtonians. They would fluff up their feathers to expose bare skin and rapidly flick their wings in the droplets collected on the fronds. Tough to try and get photos that are in focus because they were moving so fast. Here’s a selection of bananaquit photos.


A Washingtonian palm frond makes a perfect bird bath.


A lot of hopping about from frond to frond


Two little bananaquits enjoying a bath on a hot Provo day


Love this photo of a bananaquit on a palm frond


Fluttering wings picking up water droplets


A natural bird bath

Providenciales has numerous birds and the bananaquit is perhaps one of the more colourful small birds. I love to watch them especially around Harbour Club Villas pool area where many of our guests and bird watching guests can sit, enjoy and capture them in their photographs.

Call us for more information.

























































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Harbour Club Villas

Harbour Club Villas and Marina looking out over Flamingo Lake

The six villas at Harbour Club make for a charming vacation hideaway that’s a little removed from the hustle and bustle of Grace Bay but still within a five minute drive.

View from Jim Hill looking over Flamingo Lake towards Harbour Club Villas

We have made a name for ourselves marketing the natural beauty and tranquility of the southern shores of Providenciales where the villas are located. Our guests are drawn towards quiet enjoyment of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We have guests coming for the excellent “catch and release” bonefishing in Flamingo Lake and Turtle Lake and the nearby ocean flats, scuba divers that return year after year and leave from our marina docks, birders, photographers and birdwatchers that enjoy the water birds, flamingos, egrets, herons, ospreys that are in our area and kayakers that love to explore the Cooper Jack shoreline and Delou’s beaches.

Six, one bedroom villas with fully equipped kitchens for your vacation rental on Provo’s south shores.

The villas were built in 1998 on the southern shore of Providenciales and comprise six, one bedroom villas, a pool and gazebo, a private marina with several dive companies close by including Flamingo Divers, Caicos Adventures,Ocean Vibes, Provo Turtle Divers and Provo’s newest addition, Aqua TCI. Here’s some photos of Harbour Club Villas and Marina on the south shore of Providenciales.

Gazebo with pool for just lazing around and relaxing.

The Marina at Harbour Club Villas from where several dive companies leave in the mornings for the dive sites at West Caicos and French Cay.

Contact Harbour Club Villas for all your diving needs, dive packages with several dive companies operating out of the marina just a short walk away from the villas.

Bonefishing just steps away in Flamingo Lake right infront of the villas.

The villas are located very close to two bonefishing lakes and flats about a mile down the road. Grab your rod and fish whenever you want to. If you don’t fish, no worries as we are always happy to share our knowledge of this beautiful island paradise especially all our great beaches.

Villa with gazebo and pool with a barbecue/grill for guests to use.

Stone walkways and tropical vegetation.

Poolside ………. relax and read a book and catch some sunshine.

Sheltered gazebo where guests can barbecue and have a drink or two.

Entrance to the pool at Harbour Club Villas

Flamingos in front of the villas in Flamingo Lake…a great spot for other water birds too

Breakfast on your own private patio with lake views

Freshly roasted island coffee for breakfast with a view

Freshly roasted island coffee for breakfast with a view

Villas are spacious with high ceilings and louvered and screened windows that look out over the lake. Bedrooms are air conditioned with a queen sized bed. The living room has a queen sofa bed onto which we place a proper queen sized mattress to make it as comfortable as a regular bed. The villa dining area has seating for four, counter top bar separating living room from a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with walk-in shower, flat screened cable TV and complimentary Wi-Fi internet access. Each villa has its own patio area with table and chairs overlooking the lake. We also provide guests with beach chairs, coolers plus lots of pocket novels as well as local books with island type information.


Bedroom is spacious with a queen sized bed


Bathroom with walk in shower, towels and beach towels provided.

High ceilings and louvered and screened windows to catch the breezes.

Comfortable couches and ample space throughout Harbour Clubs villas

Flat screened TV’s for our guests viewing pleasure and a fully equipped kitchen

Flat screen TV with counter/bar and complimentary WiFi throughout villas and grounds

Comfortable living area with dining table and chairs with views of the lake

The lake is right outside your villa..great for bonefishing

A sofa bed can be pulled out for additional guests or for group bookings such as weddings.

Sofa beds can be made up with a regular queen mattress on top to make it more comfortable

Villas are all spacious with ample room and with fans throughout.

Open and airy with louvered and screened windows to catch the breezes

Open and airy with louvered and screened windows to catch the breezes

Flamingo Lake and Harbour Club Villas in the distance.

Bonefishermen love fishing the lake in front of the villas.


Harbour Club entrance sign with bonefisherman.

Marina view towards Coper Jack on the south side of Providenciales.

Lone flamingo in the lake at sunset.

The sun sets and the reflections on the lake waters are stunning.

Six, one bedroom villas ……….rent one or rent them all for your next family occasion such as weddings.

Villas can be rented seperately or you might consider several villas for a family occasion such as weddings, reunions, anniversaries or birthdays.

Many weddings have selected the villas as their home away from home.

A beautiful night for a wedding reception at Harbour Club.

Mirror calm reflections on Flamingo Lake right by Harbour Club Villas.


One bedroom villas fully self contained for your vacation on Provo.

Harbour Club Villas welcomes any and all inquiries. We hope to see you soon in our beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos.






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A New Look for Harbour Club Villas


Harbour Club Villas and Marina …… a beautiful location between Flamingo Lake and Cooper Jack Bay on Provo’s south shore.

Our six rental villas are in a beautiful, tranquil setting just perfect for a great vacation on Providenciales. Rent one villa or rent them all for your next group holiday or event such as a family wedding. We are only a five minute drive from Grace Bay beach too. We’ve been here for 15 years and know all the best spots, things to do and will send you to many amazing beaches to explore and enjoy.

We have recently given our villas a new look with bright Caribbean colours. Windows are screened and louvered so guests can enjoy the cooling tropical breezes. Let me show you through our villas.


Comfortable queen sized beds in our villas


Bright, open living rooms


Villas can sleep extra people on a sofa bed


Lots of couches and a dining room area overlooking the lake


Flat screened TV and a fully equipped kitchen


New colours of blue, green and yellow to brighten up the villas


High ceilings and a large living area for our guests comfort


Dining room table and seating for four and all with a view

Come and enjoy what we have to offer at Harbour Club Villas and Marina. We have six, one bedroom villas with fully equipped kitchens providing everything that you could wish for in lodging in the Turks and Caicos Islands.





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