Snorkel at Smith’s Reef


Mike, GoPro in hand and ready for some snorkeling at Smith’s Reef

A new GoPro gift combined with summer “silly” season makes for ideal conditions for snorkeling here on island. Only stipulation being that I get to use any of Mike’s underwater shots in my blog. Mike’s photo’s are absolutely stunning.

Smith’s Reef is relatively easy to find but many people miss the outer mini wall. Currently you are right there if you take the little trail from the road that winds through the bush leading to the observation tower. (The old way in).


A map of the reef showing the 22′ channel where often you’ll see rays.

Smithsmisc 036a

The sandy area with the discoloured, slightly yellowish area closer to the horizon being the mini wall.



Another beautiful Provo day just made for some snorkeling.

Just a few words before you set out to enjoy and explore our reefs.

Please do not touch or stand on anything as coral is a living animal and be sure not to brush anything with your flippers, equipment or gear.

Do not cover yourself heavily with sunscreen before snorkeling and of course biodegradable lotions are available and better yet, buy a rash guard.

Please do not chase any sea life or try to feed.


A Green Sea Turtle poses for photos beside a Purple Sea Whip.


Smile you’re on camera.


A Spotted Eagle Ray passing through.


Love the reflections in the water.


A Porcupine Fish showing spines swims amongst the coral.


A six foot nurse shark rests on the sandy bottom.


Big and docile just resting on the bottom ready for a photo shoot.


A passing summer storm intensifies the turquoise colours.


And meanwhile along the shore, a rock pool find of a Helmet Shell.


Such beauty surrounds us and take a look at the exquisite markings on this shell.


See the eyes peeking out of the shell of this baby conch and the claw-like operculum with which they move across the ocean floor.


Back to the reef and this beauty…..a Honeycomb Cowfish apparently quite rare.


Love those eagle rays as they gracefully glide through the waters.


Mike says this green turtle took a keen interest in the camera.

All the amazing underwater photos are taken by Mike so I thank him for letting me use them for my blog.

Enjoy the reefs everyone but please take care as you snorkel to preserve and protect the coral and sea life.

Snorkel responsibly and have fun.




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