Honeymoon Conch Salad

Yummy.......... fresh conch salad for lunch at Harbour Club Villas.

Honeymooners Chantel and Rick enjoyed their conch salad today for lunch in the gazebo by the pool at Harbour Club Villas.

I was invited for a bowl of conch salad and it was delicious with a little zip to it.

Chantel prepared a delicious, fresh conch salad from green and red peppers, juicy tomatoes, conch of course, cilantro, onions, freshly squeezed limes and some of their own, favorite special spices.


A nice glass of chilled white wine goes great with a "fresh from the sea" conch salad

And to top it off, a glass of chilled white wine goes great with conch salad. I know our honeymoon couple, Chantel and Rick will more than likely enjoy some more conch salad appetizers this evening but they’ll be drinking some Dom Perrignon as sadly, this is their last evening at Harbour Club Villas and on our tropical island paradise.

If you are thinking of a honeymoon vacation, the Turks and Caicos Islands can’t be beat…..sunshine, stunning beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. Our honeymoon couple can attest to that as they enjoyed three days of great┬áscuba diving. Call us or email and we’ll arrange everything for you to make things easy.

















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