West Caicos Beach All to Ourselves

Shadow dancing on a deserted West Caicos beach

About two weeks ago and a smooth, calm sea found us heading for West Caicos. The boys dropped us off and left us to do a spot of fishing. It was an incredible sight to see this long stretch of deserted beach that had become much wider as Hurricane Irene swept in tons of sand. It was low tide and the water was shallow for a ways out. The waves had created ripples and sand bars and pools of water with shells and interesting bits of debris. We had the beach to ourselves with only a few pelicans that swooped in occasionally to land and shared it only with the pelicans as they dive bombed for fish. What glorious entertainment for the afternoon!

The husbands head off for some fishing and look at those ripples and as a small sand bar forms

Sand ripples formed by the wave action made for interesting patterns in the sand

There were so many bird tracks along the ripples of sand and I was fascinated with all the patterns.

A beautiful shell lies in one of the ripplesand there were lots of bird tracks in the sand


The brown pelicans were amusing to watch and photograph but were a little leery of my presence

Probably one of my favorite shells, the sunrise tellin shell lying at the edge of the water, made for a beautiful photo.

Me and my shadow, strolling down a beach avenue!! Just me and my shadow, all alone and feelin' good!!


What a glorious day and a wonderful afternoon. We’re going to return to West Caicos as soon as the weather clears………GO AWAY MARIA!!!!








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