A Trip Down Turtle Tail


A lone flamingo feeds in the Juba salina just a short ways from Harbour Club Villas

I decided on taking one of our fishing guests down Turtle Tail to see for myself where he could access some flats in order to do some bonefishing. Must say, this area is still as beautiful as ever but with many newly constructed houses going up.

I haven’t seen the flamingos for quite an age and was so excited to see one, lone beauty.


I couldn’t get him to stop feeding and to lift his head up……….too busy “vacuuming” through the silty bottom.


My beach also known locally as Dog Beach was just awesome with all those turquoise colours


Looking towards Jim Hill and the new villas being built beside Bajacu


Bonefishing flat with some of the Five Little Cays in the distance


Old conch shells piled up on shore


Now this has some potential for some DIY bonefishing


Jet skiers were out on this beautiful day


Rocky southern shoreline with secret pathway down to the water’s edge


Private gazebos overlooking stunning turquoise waters


Mangroves down Turtle Tail with some sweet bonefishing spots


Harbour Club Villas and Marina on the edge of Flamingo Lake perfect for bonefishing


Looking across Flamingo Lake towards the villas at Harbour Club

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