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Times of the Island……….a beautiful island magazine that’s published four times a year.

Times of the Islands current issue for Winter 2015/16 is on the stands now and I’m so excited and proud of my cover photo! Taken on a stunningly beautiful day from the top of Jim Hill. It was one of those days filled with reflections and calm flat waters that you dream about and try to capture the beauty. I know I did!!


Taken on the same day, a fishing boat heads off to French Cay and passing the Five Cays in the background.

This issue had several of my photos as you browse through reading some great articles. I was surprised to find my photo of bonefishing with Darin Bain taken on another clear bonefishing day on the back side of Middle Caicos.

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Bonefishing with Darin off Middle Caicos…no land in sight just a perfect, top class bonefishing day.


Joe Cermele and his beautiful bride on his honeymoon trip to Provo. What else would you do but fish???

Joe Cermele of Field and Stream wrote an article for Times of the Islands and I arranged for him to go out with Darin on this day so I could take photographs for my bonefishing portfolio. The article is called “If You Love Me, Let Me Fish……..A newly wed’s quest for Provo bonefish.” Here’s the exert  from this moment when I had gone into the water to catch some shots of the boat.

“Are those all bonefish?,” I ask Darin in disbelief of what I’m seeing. He grins and tells me I’m not going crazy. I cast directly into the center of what must be 200 gray ghosts swimming in unison like choreographed jets in an air show. I hook one instantly and the entire school follows its struggling brother. Cameras flash as I land the fish and quickly return it to the turquoise water. The school hasn’t moved far. For the next 40 minutes, bone after bone attacks my fly in what I can only describe as the antithesis of everything I know about the species. Bonefish are sly, wary, and cunning fighters. These fish would strike a hotdog if I presented it to them, and they have no qualms about swimming right up to the boat. Christen even lands a few after I hook them up. “


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Times of the Islands winter issue has a great article on the TSPCA……….all volunteer run. Here are the judges at the annual dog show.


The TCSPCA has a remarkable and dedicated group of volunteers………they are all amazing people.

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My favourite little donkey taken on Salt Cay


He was just the cutest little guy

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A flock of flamingos on Salt Cay out at North Creek


Such beautiful flamingos taken on a trip to Salt Cay

Times of the Islands is a publication worth taking home with you. If you’d like to read the magazine from cover to cover, the link is below.






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2 Responses to Times of the Islands

  1. Fiona Beu says:

    Hey Marta, I’ve been checking/reading your blog for years and I think you might be able to help me. We’ll be in Provo (Sibonne) on Sunday, and I’d love to know where the hermit crabs hang out. Weird request, I know, but I’ve got a giant bag of shells (all crab favorites – pure, unadulterated Turbo shells that’ve been worn proudly by my crew), that I’d like to bring back to a spot where they’d be most appreciated by the natural residents. It’d be great to be able to do this after 10yrs of coming to the island.
    So, please let me know if you can help me?
    Thank you for your blog!

  2. marta says:

    Fiona, I promise I will do better………I’ve been neglecting my blog and missed your note as well as your time on island. Thank you though for continuing to read and enjoy my blog. Marta

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