Flamingos on Flamingo Lake


Such beautiful plumage colours on these flamingos sighted in the lake by Harbour Club Villas.

The flamingos have returned to Flamingo Lake by Harbour Club Villas and Marina on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Just recently, a friend called me to tell me she could see the flamingos feeding in the lake. She ran down to pick me up and off we drove just before sunset to find and photograph  them.


These two were honking and ruffling their wings.


It was difficult to capture them because they were busily feeding with their heads in the water.


The sun was going down as a small flock of flamingos were feeding in the lake.


Preening, neck stretching and ruffling their wings.


Such beautiful birds with amazing colours


They mainly feed during the day………this one had the most beautiful colours.


Flamingos sweep their bill upside down through shallow water picking up food as they go.


I can’t believe what beautiful plumage and colours these birds have.




Flamingos are like ballet dancers so graceful in the waters

We don’t often see flamingos but these ones were so close to us in the lake just out by the villas.





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