The Fool’s Regatta 2014


The 24th Annual Fools Regatta………what an amazing day out on the water.

The 24th annual Fool’s Regatta was the place to be on Saturday. All our Harbour Club Villas guests were taking in the fun at the beach with a full day of racing ahead, hobie cats, picos, big boats, caicos sloops and man made rafts were all racing. The day was as perfect as it could be, hot and sunny with a breeze blowing and lots of refreshments and food.


Waiting for the races to begin at the Bight Children’s Park


The wind was steady and the seas were calm.


Neck and neck as the sailors took to the race course.


The start of the big boats race………….there’s Capt Tim and Beluga who have been in every race for several years.


Some of the youngsters from the Provo Sailing Association getting ready for their heat.


Lovely shot of the kids skimming along over the water.


Time for a break and to cool off in the water.


Ready for the raft race with the Turks and Caicos flag.


Let the raft race begin………….and off they go.


Paddling for home and all the rafts stayed afloat! Well done everyone.


Looks like they are taking on water but everyone finished the race.

Another successful Fool’s Regatta and the revival of the Great Raft Race. Mark your calendars for next year especially if you decide to come to the Turks and Caicos in June. We let all our guests at Harbour Club Villas know that this is a “must see and do” event. I look forward to it every year as it is filled with excitement and racing entertainment. Well done to all the volunteers and participants. Can’t wait to see you again next year.


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