Turks and Caicos Birds Eye View


Flying over Harbour Club Villas and Marina….a beautiful 6 villa vacation rental complex on the south side of Providenciales


Over the years, I’ve snapped several photos while flying to our sister islands or Miami. There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing our amazing turquoise and blue waters from the air and islands and cays strung out like small jewels ……… it’s truly breathtaking! Here’s a selection for you to enjoy and I’ve started it off with Harbour Club Villas and Marina which has been our little resort in the sun and built over 15 years ago. The first and only vacation rental estate on the beautiful and more tranquil south side of Providenciales.


View of Cooper Jack Marina and Five Cays Bay (top) with the canal system feeding into Turtle Lake.


Turtle Lake bonefishing flat is just down the road from our villas


Five Cays bay is a beautiful ocean flat where bonefishing guests at Harbour Club Villas always make a stop for some wading and fishing.


Five Cays Bay just around the corner from Harbour Club Villas and Marina


Harbour Club Villas and Marina and Caicos Marina development as we fly past and over the start of Five Cays bay. Juba salina in the background.


Two huge villas (one of which is Prince’s) on the marina and each has it’s own beach. Before development, we used to wander in the shallows and send our guests down to this scenic spot.


The colours and cays of Chalk Sound are so spectacular and distinctive….beautiful.


Chalk Sound with Sapodilla and Taylor Bays looking towards the South West tip of the island.



Beautiful homes line the shores of Chalk Sound… ,imagine waking up to this every morning!!


Turtle Cove Marina is a short five minute drive from the villas at Harbour Club and this aerial shows the entrance and Babalua Beach in the foreground.


Turtle Cove Marina with Smith’s Reef , the coral reefs and deep blue ocean.


I think this is coming into South Caicos and wow, the colours are amazing.


blogsouthsaltcay 147

The Big South…………South Caicos full of historical buildings and large developments on going.



Stunning view of South Caicos with one of the large developments of East Winds Resort.



The tip of South Caicos looking towards East Caicos.


Uninhabited East Caicos was pretty colourful on this fly past.




The beautiful island of Salt Cay is a little jewel of a place….love the history.


Salt Cay in the far distance as we fly onto Grand Turk.


Grand Turk island is the seat of government of the TCI.


Cruise Ship port in Grand Turk…….an amazing view as we head back home to Harbour Club Villas on Providenciales.



And so the end of my whirlwind journey and tour of our beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands from a bird’s eye view. What stands out the most is the colour of our amazing waters from the air. It’s even better though when seen from on the ground and on the beaches. We’re waiting for you to visit so give us a call at Harbour Club Villas and book your vacation with us on Provo in the fabulous Turks and Caicos Islands.

See you soon,





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