Blue Hills


On the beach at Blue Hills

Some say that Blue Hills was the former name for our island of Providenciales and named for the blueish tinge of the hills and ridges as sloops neared the island from the sea. Life centered around the sea, sloop building , fishing and conching. Sloops would sail out towards West Caicos and French Cay to collect conch which would be dried and then traded with neighbouring islands for materials and other food products.

bluehills 034

Caicos sloop being built on the beach at Blue Hills quite a few years ago.

Blue Hills is my favorite place to wander and was said to have been built originally by “Wreckers”. Historical records tell of locals waiving lights at passing ships to entice boat captains into thinking these lights were lighthouses. They would sail in closer and crash up onto the reefs off the North West Point. Local fishermen would head out to the wrecked ships to rescue the crew members and salvage whatever they could as a means of survival.


Pelicans swooping low over the ocean and diving for fish.



Chasing the birds on the beach in Blue Hills.



Beautiful conch shells are sold down on the beach.


Two little girls spot something floating in the water



Harbour Club Villa guests and others such as this paddleboarder drop in for a conch lunch at one of the eateries in Blue Hills



An oyster catcher enjoys fresh conch tidbits for lunch.

Our guests at Harbour Club Villas and Marina are often seen having lunch or dinner down in Blue Hills as it is a quaint and charming part of Providenciales not to be missed. The road rambles along the shore line and was the first paved road on the island. Work started on Front Road in 1956 at a time when there was no heavy machinery. Much of the work was done by local residents and by hand and took some ten years to complete.

See you soon enjoying the local flavours, sights and sounds of Blue Hills.




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