Salt Cay Weekend

Flying in to Salt Cay with Caicos Express on a clear day just great for photos.

I just love Salt Cay and returning there after 10 years made me wonder what took me so long!  It is truly a stunningly beautiful, friendly and charming gem of a place. A girl friend’s birthday celebration and three whole days of golf buggying around this little island was a perfect getaway.

Deane's Dock as our pilot brings us in for a smooth landing.

Closer view of the repaired break water at Deane's Dock


Salt Cay's little airport has remained the same for all these years.


Pirate's Hideaway was our home away from home

A replica of the donkey drawn carts that hauled the salt, stand in front of Candy Herwin’s treasure of a cottage called Pirate’s Hideaway where we stayed for the three nights. Candy is a wealth of knowledge on Salt Cay but unfortunately she wasn’t going to be on island during our stay. Nonetheless we met, she told me everything I needed to know along with giving me her wonderful map of Salt Cay. She’s currently on Provo where she had lined up meetings with two elderly ladies to record their stories. She uses a video recorder and has been helping the residents of the islands to preserve their culture and heritage so that these stories can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Candy Herwin's map "A History Tour of Salt Cay".

The only way to see Salt Cay..........our little golf cart took us all over the island

Our first donkeys...we were a bit leery of them but realised quickly that all they wanted was food or water.


This lovely mansion was being worked on. A new front patio overlooking the ocean and repairs to the seawall

Colourful gates and charming houses, old stone walls and even a stop sign or two.

I just love these old walls and sandy lanes.

This little baby donkey was adorable as he stood outside the gate to our place.

Looking across the salt pans towards the Brown House and St. John's Church.

Sunrise through the gates of St. John's church


North Creek in the early morning had such muted colours.


We found so much sea glass as we walked the beaches of Salt Cay.


We visited with sweet Miss Amie over her garden fence.


This beautiful little cove was our first late lunch stop, beer, snacks and a snorkel.

We stopped for a few provisions.

Dinners were at Pat's Place........stew peas to die for and Pat explains twice fried plantains. Delicious fry fish and chicken curry.

Pa Poley (Mr. Holton Dickenson) was the best tour guide ever! Thank you!


Captivating North Beach.........not another soul there. Birthday champagne on the beach!

Colourful doorway frames a black cat

Did you know that the donkeys on Salt Cay are good at opening gates?

I simply have to stop for now. Hoping this has given you a taste of Salt Cay and all its’ people (93 I’m told), places, stunning beaches, and history too. Noticeably absent are some of the historical parts of this little island. This I have left for another day. After all I only took some 3400 photos.


I love Salt Cay and will return again very soon.





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2 Responses to Salt Cay Weekend

  1. Ed Grice says:

    Loved your pictures! A place I would like to visit some day. I’m so glad Candy is recording some of the stories from the islands. My Mothers family (Frith)was on Grand Turk and the islands from about 1764 to the early 1900’s. They were salt rakers on the islands even before that from Bermuda.
    Any word on the rebuilding of the dock?
    Ed Grice

  2. marta says:

    Hi Ed, Check out Spotlight on Salt Cay and Turks and Caicos Islands Historical Society both on Face Book. Some great old photos there and historical info. Candy and others have posted some great old photos of Salt Cay and Grand Turk too etc. Candy is always looking for input and old stories if you have any you’d like to share. I just posted another photo of the repaired breakwater at Deane’s Dock so take a look. Marta

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