Horseback Riding on the Beach with Provo Ponies

Beautiful Long Bay beach and waiting for Provo Ponies and our Harbour Club Villa guests to head my way.

A quiet late afternoon on Long Bay beach just waiting to take photos of our Harbour Club Villas guests out horseback riding with Provo Ponies. I kept myself entertained taking a few photos of the kite boarders and a washed up conch shell. Provo Ponies was started as a rescue mission for horses and ponies in the TCI. Camille and few of her close friends purchased 7 Paso Fino’s that had been shipped to Provo from the Dominican Republic. Sadly, there were signs of abuse and the horses were in such poor condition, malnourished and dehydrated. It’s not an easy thing to raise and care for horses on an island such as this one where everything has to be shipped in. Remember that there is no or very little fresh water here and not much soil to grow grass or hay or grains. Provo Ponies was formed when it became evident that these rescue horses would have to earn their keep. They became fit and were thriving under Camille and friends excellent care getting regular exercise, food and loving attention.


The horses went straight for the water


These horses love the water and the kite boarders were out too.


Long Bay waters are shallow and perfect for the ponies.


Josee enjoying herself riding Ike (I think that's Ike)

Ike’s story is that he was abandoned on Grand Turk and left to fend for himself. He was eventually rescued and bought from his owner and is now happily working and exercising on Long Bay beach. He is a Morgan Percheron cross, born in 2000 and rescued to a wonderful new life in 2010.

Kevin loving his ride along the beach and in the water.

Did you know that the horses make all kinds of sounds to each other as they love being in the water.

Great way to spend an afternoon on Provo with Provo Ponies and Clyde, Turtle, Bosco and Ike!

Meet a few of the ponies………… Clyde on the left, is the guide horse for now and he’s a thoroughbred/Clydesdale cross.  Turtle is a beautiful, massive Belgian and 18hh who was found and bought from the owner in 2010 when he was about 700 pounds underweight. Bosco is a Standardbred whose greatest love is wading in the water and of course Ike who doesn’t mind the hard work because he loves his job!

Time for a little gallop along the beach!


Another turn in the water for our Harbour Club guests as the sun slowly sets.

What a beautiful horse Bosco is.......I love this photo!


Time to head back to the corrals.

End of a perfect afternoon ride


Hoof prints in the sand at sunset




It’s time to head back to the corrals after an amazing afternoon on horseback enjoying the sun, sand and water………………a taste of heaven! It is best to book your ride early, go on line and book before you arrive as Provo Ponies is always busy.

See you on the beach, next time.




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3 Responses to Horseback Riding on the Beach with Provo Ponies

  1. Joe says:

    Very cool story about the horses. And thanks for sharing the great photos.

    Any idea what Provo Ponies costs?

  2. marta says:

    Hi Joe,
    I think a 60 minute ride is $85.00 pp. Take a look at their website and you can contact them through there

  3. marta says:

    I think it’s $85 for an hour long ride.

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