Kayaking at Harbour Club Villas

Harbour Club guests taking a rest on this tiny idyllic slip of a beach outside the Marina entrance.

Tropical storm Chantal had fizzled out leaving us with hot but hazy weather for today. Perfect for a bit of a work out with the kayaks. Dan and Lynnetta took off with the ocean kayaks to explore the beautiful shore line just outside the Marina entrance at Harbour Club Villas.  There are small coves with pure white sand and since these are tidal, much depends on what time you choose to go out. The turquoise water is shallow so guests can hug the shoreline or cut right across without any worries.

Shooting from the top of the hill at Harbour Club through the masts of sailboats moored in the Marina.


Heading back the water was calm with a little breeze.


Delou's beaches are usually deserted so you can have your own private little beach.


A short paddle down past the Marine Biology School, a turn to the right and home.

It was definitely a good day today with cloudy skies keeping the temperatures just perfect for a kayak excursion.



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