South West Bluff and Osprey Rock


Views of Chalk Sound and its magnificent colours on the way down to the south west tip of Provo

A perfectly beautiful Sunday and a trip is planned to head down to the southern most tip of the island at South West Bluff and Osprey Rock. I always enjoy this excursion and make sure all my batteries are fully charged. There’s always so many plants, birds, views and our extraordinary clear ocean with its’ marine life to photograph.


A Black Legged Stilt was very vocal as he tried to scare me away.

There’s a beautiful pond area as you get closer to the little beach by Osprey Rock. There seems to always be salt foam looking much like snow. This Sunday there were several Black Legged Stilts and they really didn’t like my being there. Perhaps there were nests as they tried to ward me off.


A large patch of wild sea island cotton


Sea island cotton has such pretty yellow blossoms


The first view you get of the beach and rocks at South West Bluff looking towards Bonefish Point


One section of the beach is strewn with old conch shells


The ocean looking from the pirate’s cave


Pretty beaded periwinkle shells line the jagged rocks as you wade through the shallow waters.


Sand ripples and Osprey Rock in the background


The shallows on the sandbar at Bonefish Point with a cushion sea star.


Chitons are found attached to the rocks


Interesting rock formations


The waters are so very clear …….. you can see everything!


An osprey stands in the water and he knows I’m there.


The lowest tide I’ve ever seen out on the sandbar at Bonefish Point


A cushion sea star on Bonefish Point in the shallow flats.

Such an amazing area for a picnic lunch with friends and do take a walk down to Bonefish Point. I can assure you that you will see so many interesting things as you walk along the beaches and rocks. It is one of Provo’s gems and one of my favourites.




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