Sea Urchin

A sea urchin found on the beach still has spines attached and with some neat looking encrustations

A Club or Pencil sea urchin found on the beach


Isn’t this something ! Anna found this sea urchin on the beach and I thought it just had all kinds of encrustations making it look quite unique. However on looking things up, I discovered that this is a Club or Pencil urchin.

See you on the beach,


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One Response to Sea Urchin

  1. Sam says:

    Hi Marta
    Do you keep the urchins you find? I came across your blog when trying to identify one I just found. You have some urchins pictured which you can’t find (at least on the beach) in Australia and I would love to trade you if you were interested. Also there are some AMAZING wildlife shots on this blog, especially the whale shark


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