Sea Stars


Cushion sea star or starfish in the shallows.

A more modern name for Asteroidea or starfish is now Sea Stars. Usually they have five arms but sometimes a few species have more. Here are some beautiful Sea Stars that I have found and photographed around Providenciales out at Bonefish Point, Grace Bay, Taylor Bay as well as other areas of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Snorkeling the underwater world often brings an exciting discovery of a brightly coloured cushion sea star


Knobby spines create a geometric design of orangey brown and yellow.


Loads of starfish or sea stars found in Grace Bay


Tiny crab found on the under side. Tube feet located under the arms have small suckers.

The red cushion star can be very large, sometimes growing to about 50 centimetres (20 in) in diameter. It usually has five thick, broad arms projecting from a cushioned disc  therefore the name. The colour of adults is some shade of red, orange, yellow or brown. The juveniles are greenish-brown with mottled markings which provide camouflage from predators.


A juvenile Cushion Sea Star


Small two spined sea star washed up as the tide goes out


Front and back of the two spined sea star found out at S W Bluff on Providenciales


Burying itself in the sand


Not sure what kind this one is


Pretty shot as it buries itself in the sand


Seemed to have one longer arm?


Pretty painted toes as a size guage


Showing the underside with small suckers or tubes


Red Spiney Sea Star found out at South West Bluff on Provo


This one had lost an arm


Osprey Rock in the background with a little Red Spiny sea star

Sea stars are often found in calm shallow waters (depths from 1 – 37 m) and more commonly occur on calcareous sandy bottom. The ones I’ve found have been mainly out at Bonefish Point just off the sandbar. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy our “beautiful by nature” Turks and Caicos Islands on your next trip to Provo.

Happy Sea Star watching everyone.



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