Evening Stroll at Harbour Club Villas


Zenaida Dove perches on the back stone wall by the pool area at Harbour Club Villas

A beautiful, still and calm evening for a stroll around Harbour Club’s grounds and down to the Marina. An over abundance of opportunities as I wander around taking photos of the flowering plants, animals and sunset views. Here’s a selection and I hope you enjoy seeing them.


The pool at Harbour Club Villas in the late afternoon. Look at the flowering desert rose.


A perfect bridal bouquet of orange island honeysuckle favoured by the hummingbirds.


Pesky woodpecker that’s drilling holes in our coconut palms…….he’s a yellow bellied sapsucker.



Cankyberry, a species of nightshade found on our islands with its sharp prickles.


This little anole lizard was perched high on my frangipani licking I don’t know what off the budding flowers.


A bright yellow spiny orb weaver. Quite pretty really even though I don’t really like spiders.


Neighbours out for an evening sail coming in to the Marina at dusk.


This little anole was curious and posed for the camera.


The sunset glow of golden colours is so amazing looking towards Five Cays from Harbour Club Villas and Marina


Aqua TCI divers boat gently rides out the evening in the Marina, ready and waiting for another great dive day in the waters of Provo.

All this in a casual evening stroll around Harbour Club Villas and Marina. Love the peaceful quiet as the sun sets over our islands.





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  1. Lori says:

    Wow, Marta, we would sure love to come and visit one day! What a special place!!

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