South West Harbour Bluff


Glorious wild sea island cotton along one stretch of the road to South West Bluff and Osprey Rock

A hot sunny day and a trip out to South West Harbour Bluff with visiting friends and some guests staying at Harbour Club Villas. On the road out, we came across some sea island cotton growing wild alongside the road. The cotton had popped and was waving in the wind. We spotted some flowers too…………yellow and delicate.


A beautiful cotton flower amongst all the white cotton pods


On top of the bluff looking towards Bonefish Point

Some of us waded through the water to the cave and climbed up the ladder and out onto the bluff. What a view. Others stayed on the beach enjoying a cold beer.


Perfect day for a cold beer and looking out over the ocean.


Inscriptions from shipwrecked sailors are found on top of the bluff.


Osprey nest with two young is perched on top of Osprey Rock


Chitons attached to the rocks are impossible to pry off


View after climbing up the ladder at Pirates Cave and out on top of the bluff.


Sweet little hummingbird nestlings overlooking the beach.


The mama bird kept buzzing us and we found this nest in the overhanging bush.

Lovely day, wonderful company and so many sights to see. One of the most beautiful parts of Provo that is great for taking photos and walking along the beach out to Bonefish Point.



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