Southern Shores


A flat calm day on the south side of Providenciales and the entrance to the Marina at Harbour Club Villas.

Most of our island visitors miss the most beautiful and tranquil side of the island where you will find Harbour Club Villas and Marina. The shoreline is absolutely beautiful with waters that are shallow and numerous beaches where you can walk for a long ways out before it gets deep. This area off shore is called the Caicos Banks, the domain of the bonefish and flats as far as you can see. The ocean doesn’t get deeper than 15 to 20 feet and as you skim over the surface, you’ll see the bottom not too far below. Here are some of my favourite photos of the area known as Turtle Tail just by the villas at Harbour Club.


Fishing flats down on Turtle Tail about a mile from Harbour Club.


Wade the waters of Juba Salina in search of bonefish.


Views overlooking the turquoise waters of the South side of Provo


Tidal beaches on Cooper Jack Bight are within a kayak ride from Harbour Club’s villas.


Take a kayak out and explore the tidal beaches near the villas and just outside the Marina channel.


Turquoise blue waters that are crystal clear and shallow.


A lone fisherman motors home as the sun sets.

Hope to see you staying with us at Harbour Club Villas and Marina……we’ll show you our beautiful piece of paradise with numerous beaches and all kinds of sights to see. We’ll point you in the right direction.




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