Five Cays Bay and Bugaloos


I don’t think the view can get any better than this one

This spectacular view of the bay at Five Cays greets you as you find a seat at Bugaloos Conch Crawl. It truly is a remarkable and unforgettable place as you sit peacefully looking out at the shallow waters of the bay waiting for drinks and mouth watering, tasty conch dishes.


Sitting and soaking in the beauty while sipping on a beer.


Trees grow through holes carved in the wooden tables and provide shade from the hot sun.

Come, sit and stay awhile as you gaze out over the ocean. Watch the little waves come rippling in and sand bars forming as the tide goes out. Order conch any which way you want it….conch salad, fritters or cracked, fish and lobster too.


Our lunch arrives and we order another ice cold beer.


Bringing a load of conch from the pens out in the water.


I waded on out to see the conch being “knocked”.


Two beautiful conch shells which will be cleaned and then sold.


Two eyes and a mouth in between and there are males and females, I’m shown and told by a local expert.



The operculum or claw of the conch…..this is how they move.



The conch pistol is touted to be an aphrodisiac…………try it on your lunch or dinner stop at Bugaloos.



This guy would do anything for conch!!



Mounds of conch as the conch gets “knocked”.


Sweet little miss with a conch shell.


Beautiful pink conch shells ready for purchase.


Visit Bugaloos in Five Cays………….the conch tastes great!

Hope to see you at Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl when you head to Providenciales for your next holiday.






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