A Beautiful Leeward Afternoon

Ripples on the rocks, ripples in the sand, gentle waves and calm, turquoise waters.

An afternoon spent on the beach at Leeward brought many interesting sights and things to photograph. This island is rich in natural beauty and you don’t even have to look for it. Here are some of the photos taken in justĀ a few hours.

A group of Black-Necked Stilts dropped by for a visit.

Elegant, long pink legs and quite noisy as they circled and dive-bombed .... not sure if there was a nest nearby??


Stilts are a common breeding resident of our islands.


Leeward rocks with patterns created by the clear waters


A small crab scuttles along the rocks and disappears quickly from the camera's view.


A grinning potcake with no collar was happily taking a cooling swim.



A beautiful starfish and look at that water....spectacular!


Ten or so starfish but why were quite a few floating? I'm hoping it wasn't that they were dying. Anyone know?

Washed up on the shore.


Brown Pelican sits on his favourite perch at Leeward


Constant entertainment watching the pelicans as they dive into the water for fish.

So that’s it, a lovely afternoon at Leeward and many photos later.





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