Fool’s Regatta 2013

Picos ready and waiting to start the racing at the Fool's Regatta on Saturday.

The 2013 Fool’s Regatta at the Children’s Park in the Bight was held on Saturday. Saturday was as perfect as perfect gets even though it had a dubious and a bit ominous start weather wise. I arrived at about 1 pm in the afternoon and the kids races were underway. Tents were set up selling drinks and burgers, the water was warm and inviting (yeah for summer time when I can actually get into the water). Yes, I know what you are thinking but when you live on Provo, you tend to be pretty selective water warmth wise before swimming. Here’s some of the photos from the day.

The colourful Beluga was showing off for the crowds watching the racing.

The kids of the Provo Sailing Club were having a blast sailing and competing on the Picos


The kids (little and one big) were happily playing and building castles in the sand.

These two little seven year olds were away to the races.

Lil' Tinkerbell was sporting her pink bikini.......she's a potcake rescue chihuahua that's found her forever home.


Big boats and Caicos Sloops were also racing just off shore.


The talented youngsters of Provo Primary Steel Band entertained the crowds.


Most of the kids learn to sail with the Provo Sailing Club.


Wishing he could be out there sailing!

Every June the Fool’s Regatta gets underway so come down to the beach the next time you are here and especially during Regatta time.



Happy Sailing!!




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