Flamingos on Flamingo Lake

Such fun watching these beautiful birds.....Oh the colours are magnificent!

A call from a friend that the flamingoes were fairly close to the road sent me rushing down to take some photos. They were just past the narrows on Flamingo Lake and up the road from our villas at Harbour Club Villas. I was fascinated and took photos for over an hour. They seemed to all be sleeping and it’s not a myth – flamingos actually DO stand on one leg. It appears to be a comfortable resting position. Occasionally they would rouse, scratch themselves such as the one above and then go back into their one legged position.

Resting on one leg is the preferred position for sleep.

My favourite photo of three preening flamingos

Flamingos are pink or orange or white depending on what they eat. Flamingos eat algae, crustaceans, small fish and brine shrimp when they’re available most of which contain pigments called carotenoids. These ones were sporting some amazingly brilliant red, hot pink, coral and orange plumage.

A flock or "flamboyant" of Caribbean flamingos performing a water ballet!

Tall, wading birds with webbed feet. Flamingos have elongated, slender necks and legs that are longer, relative to body size, than any other bird.


The West Indian flamingo has a beak with a black tip, pink to red/orange middle, and pale yellow base near the eye. The upper bill is often lighter in colour.


Such beautiful birds and I was lucky to be able to watch and photograph them.


These two had a brief altercation as they faced each other with outstretched necks and sometimes with growling vocalizations.


Look at the leg positioning! How do they balance like that?

Preening and ruffling their feathers.

How lucky we are to be able to have the opportunity to observe and enjoy these gloriously colourful birds in their natural habitat. Hope to see all you birdwatchers and birders here on Providenciales. Happy bird hunting and here’s hoping you’ll get to see our flamingos.









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