Parasailing on Grace Bay

On the way up just off Coral Gardens on Grace Bay

A beautiful day on Grace Bay, the sun was shining, the waters were calm and it was a picture perfect day for a surprise birthday sky high trip. Thanks to Mike for all these great photos.

Toes, boat and ocean give you an idea of high up Mike was flying.

Panoramic view looking towards the DECR building towards Harbour Club Villas on the south shore.

The little blue and white dots are the Provo Sailing Club kids who were all out on their Pico’s just off the Bight Children’s Park. You can see Flamingo Lake and Juba Salina and Bajacu, the house on the hill right by Harbour Club Villas.


Aerial view of Flamingo Lake with Harbour Club Villas.

Grace Bay beach view looking towards the east.

Higher and higher, Mike was way up there.


We have the third largest barrier reef in the world.

Mike’s photo of the reef shows you the deep blue ocean on one side that’s over a thousand feet deep. The lighter turquoise blue is about ten to twenty feet deep and dotted with numerous coral heads that rise to within a few inches of the surface. The reef fringing the Turks and Caicos Islands is the world’s 3rd largest barrier reef. On Providenciales (Provo) the reef protects the North shore and breaks the incoming surf. This creates the calm, turquoise water that fringe our white sand beaches. No surf on this day just a breathtaking bird’s eye view!

Put parasailing on your "must do" list !

Hey! Can you make out that black speck on the sand about a half inch from the first building on the right? Well it’s ME. I had Mike’s phone and was snapping photos of him going up.

Happy landings after an amazing parasail.

Parasailing is one activity to plan for when enjoying the beaches along Grace Bay. The parasail boats pull in at various places along the beach to drop off and pick up guests.

Happy parasailing everyone!




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