Mike's photos of Harbour Club's newest resident.........a Caribbean Octopus

By the time I had run down to the docks at our villas…Harbour Club Villas and Marina….the octopus had disappeared. I was disappointed to say the least but left my camera down there in case our son Mike saw it again. Well, yes……..he came out apparently changing colours and with at least two foot tentacles. Mike was able to get the following photos.

You can see the distinctive blue-green colours with occasional mottled-brown markings

The Caribbean reef octopus is usually a solitary and are able to quickly change colour using specialized cells in their skin known as chromatophores.

Trying to hide in under the ledge of the rocks underneath the floating docks at Harbour Club Villas and Marina


Close up of the octopus' bulbous head

The Caribbean Reef Octopus lives in hidden, rocky lairs that are difficult to locate. Their lairs are usually created in shallow warm waters.

Its colour range is incredibly large; it can change from crimson to green, bumpy to smooth.

The Octopus is difficult to describe because it changes color and texture in order to blend into its surroundings. It can weigh around 3.3 lb or 1.5 kg.

It can move pretty fast but Mike got some amazing shots!

Beautiful colours and constantly changing !

It feeds on a wide array of animals including primarily crustaceans as well as small fish and bivalves. This octopus species often feeds by spreading its webbed arms to form a canopy to net its prey.

Thanks to my son Mike for these great photos of our new resident reef octopus and perhaps you’ll be able to see them for yourself when snorkeling or diving here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.







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