Half Moon Bay


What a treat……..I’m thinking this had to be JoJo wanting to play with the boat.

What an amazingly beautiful day as guests headed out on an afternoon excursion on the turquoise waters …… look at the colours! We were just off Leeward Going Through when look who joined us? I’m pretty sure that it was JoJo the dolphin come to play. He stayed with us for a bit and then we were off headed for some snorkeling at the reef, iguanas, conch salad, Half Moon Bay and followed by some fun tubing  and water slide. Provo has many excellent boating, cruising and water fun excursions to offer as the one we were on. For more information, just contact us and we can make some suggestions.


Our sensational waters………a turquoise like you’ve never seen before. WOW!


Turks and Caicos rum punch coming up.


Waves breaking on the reef as we prepare to do some snorkeling.


Beautiful corals and a variety of fish as we snorkel beyond the cut.


Island Vibes took us out for a glorious afternoon in the Provo sunshine.


Love those silver palms precariously perched at the far end of Half Moon Bay


The far end of the beach at Half Moon Bay is so beautiful to photograph….an idyllic spot.


Found an Oyster Catcher sunning himself on the rocks. Not at all disturbed by the camera!


A walk along the beach and such glorious colours


Such an impressive looking iguana. The Rock Iguana Cyclura Carinata has had to be re introduced to less populated cays


Conch shell on the beach. A delicious “fresh from the sea” conch salad was made and enjoyed by all.


The kids had such fun tubing , sliding and jumping off the top of the boat.


Smiling faces in the foaming wake of the boat while tubing.


For an old guy, he still has it!! Diving off the top of the boat.

Book your excursions and enjoy being on the water in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our beaches are spectacular and you can enjoy a cruise, diving for conch, taste some “as fresh as you can get it”conch salad, stop for some snorkeling on the reef, see iguanas and simply let the world float by as you finally relax on “island time”.

You too may be lucky and have JoJo the dolphin join in the fun.






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2 Responses to Half Moon Bay

  1. Fiona Beu says:

    Hi Marta, I tried to contact you last year, but eh – things happen – so I figured I’d just try again. I’m returning to Provo for the 10th time and I really need some island insider information. My focus is sea turtles. I’ve seen many juveniles around, happily eating sea grass, but I’m hoping to meet up with someone who can tell me more about the status of these greens. Is there anyone who you can put me in touch with? Who rescues injured sea turtles on the island? Is there any organization overseeing their status around T&C? On Grand Turk, maybe? Please help me if you can,
    – Fiona Beu (347) 715 0727

  2. marta says:

    Sorry Fiona, once again in all the after hurricane chaos and preparation for re-opening, my blog has sadly taken a real back seat.The best I can do is put you in touch with Morgan at http://www.surfsideoceanacademy.com. She does a lot of work with turtles in the tagging and tracking. She’s been on island for a very long time and could hopefully put you in touch with some people. Thanks, Marta

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